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We try to anticipate questions you might have about the Pine Level Fire Department and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to


What type of fire department is the Pine Level Fire Department?

The PLFD is recognized and certified as a volunteer fire department by the Alabama Forestry Commission.


Is the fire department looking for more members?

The Pine level Fire Department is always seeking to grow its membership.


Does someone need to be already trained to join the fire department?

No. While it is nice to get a trained person in the door, we can provide anyone with the entry level training needed to perform for the fire department. The department's Training Division offers courses certified by the Alabama Fire College to the members.


How do I join the fire department?

Anyone interested in joining the fire department needs to come by one of the stations on any Monday night and talk with someone about joining. After that you can pick up an application. Once the application is returned with the required requested documentation, the Board and general membership will vote on the applicant.


What is the department's insurance rating?

The department is currently a Class 4/9 under the ISO rating schedule. This rating was effective in 2019 for a 5 year period. With the 4/9 rating, any structure located within 5 road miles of one of our fire stations and within 1,000 feet of an approved fire hydrant recieves the 4 rating. Any structure within 5 miles of a station and further than 1,000 feet from a hydrant recieves the 9 rating and any structure outside the 5 road miles recieves a 10 rating.


How many fire stations does the department have?

The department currently has 2 fire stations. The main station is located at 109 County Road 40 East and the second station is located at 1563 Highway 31 North.


Are tours available for the fire stations?

Tours are avaialable of the stations for any group and/or residents of the area. We ask that you call ahead though to schedule a time for your visit. Additionally, the main station is available for area groups to hold your fuctions.


Is being a volunteer firefighter as dangerous as a paid firefighter?

There is no difference in the amount of risk involved in fighting fire. No matter what type of department responds to a fire, that fire doesn't know if the firefighters are paid or volunteer. The training we recieve is in compliance with all NFPA standards for fighting fires just like the career departments.